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  • Jordan Millar

"Assessing who is in positions of power and influence within the music industry is important"

Hello and welcome to Braw Gals! It's been a while since my last blog post, I'm currently in the process of writing my dissertation and life has been pretty hectic! I am so excited to be back with a new interview, featuring the incredible Philomenah! We chatted all things women in music, songwriting and influences!

Let's jump right into it...

Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me! I absolutely love ‘‘white dove’’. Each track is so beautifully crafted and offers incredible moments of vulnerability throughout! I was wondering if you could tell us about the formation process of the EP and how it came to be?

No problem! Thanks so much, I'm glad you're enjoying it. I definitely aimed to make the project emotionally raw and vulnerable. The songs were written roughly a year and a half ago as I was navigating a mindfuck of a relationship and it's inevitable end. I was working in pharmacy back then so a lot of the writing was actually done in my head at work while doing tedious tasks - the relationship totally flooded my brain at the time so whether I was at work or at home, it was all I thought about. Anyone who's been with a narcissist will know exactly what I mean. I think that's why I was able to write so much about the specific situation and form an EP.

You have such a powerful writing ability and I was wondering about your songwriting process, would you say that you have a set way or process that you tend to rear towards?

Thank you! I don't actually have a set process. I can write to beats but I can also write to melodies that spring to mind randomly. I also write poetry so sometimes I'll write lyrics to no music at all. I feel like when you're writing a song you're channeling something bigger than yourself in a sense, which is why it can be hard to pinpoint what's actually happening as something is being created.

How did you first get involved in music? Was this always a dream career path for you?

I grew up in quite a musical house. I always had a little keyboard that I mucked about on. My Dad was constantly watching concerts on TV and listening to music so my musicality came very naturally. I think from when I started writing songs on guitar at 13, I fell in love with it and dreamed of doing it for a living. Also, if you asked 5-year-old me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would've said "popstar".

Is there a way that you think that as a society and a community that we can work towards creating a more equal and diverse environment within the Scottish music industries?

That's a good question and I was actually discussing this with my friend Rachel (Kohla) the other day. I think assessing who is in positions of power and influence within the music industry is important - and determining whether they actually succeed in propping up a diverse range of artists. Popgirlz Scotland (that you and I are both part of) is doing a brilliant job of shining a light on female and non-binary artists and providing a safe space for people to get advice and support within the music industry. It was off the back of a tweet Rachel made that the Scotify playlisters finally made that playlist equal in terms of gender. Women and non-white people (amongst other marginalised groups) are so often an afterthought within creative industries and we need to keep assessing why that is and making noise about it.

Is there a moment within your career that you would say was your most rewarding experience or something that you are significantly proud of out of all your achievements?

I was fortunate enough for my EP to be featured on the Discover Nü website recently and in addition to this they added my song white dove to their playlist - where it sits next to a song by Dounia. She's an artist I look up to and respect and to have my music be featured right next to hers is a big honour.

Do you have any dream collaborations?

Too many! Ty Dolla $ign, Bones, Rubi Rose...and I'd love to have a song produced by Murda Beatz or Mike Will Made-It.

Lastly, I was wondering what female or non-binary Scottish artists are you most excited about right now?

I'm definitely excited and patiently waiting for new material from Misty Galactic and Kohla. Also SHEARS has been making some fantastic music lately - her vocals are insanely good and always a joy to listen to.

There you have it! Thank you so much to Philomenah for taking the time to chat with me! Make sure to check out her social media to stay up to date with future releases and gig announcements!

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