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"I feel it’s more about finding people who appreciate your work" - Anna Jackson Interview

Hello and long time no see! I'm falling mega behind on posts due to work so if anyone is waiting on a reply from me, i promise it's coming soon haha!

I am so excited to share our interview with Anna Jackson from Ghosted PR, an incredible new company that is shining light on the alternative scene while uplifting members of the scene that do not get the recognition that they deserve!

Let's jump into it..

Hi Anna! Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me! I am a huge fan of the work that you are doing and am so excited to learn more about it! I was wondering if you could tell me about the inspiration behind Ghosted PR and Ghost Club Records?

Thanks for having me! I’m a huge fan of Braw gals and everything you do so very excited to be doing this!

Ghost Club and Ghosted both came from a combination of my love for alternative music and the subcultures and the fact that I felt more women and especially LGBTQ+ members and POC needed to be in the alternative music scene and the music businesses as a whole as they’re both incredibly white male dominated and I feel there are so many talented business folk and musicians who get overlook for the “norm” so I wanted to create a space to uplift those who are normally overlooked or make it easier on those who have been told that they will have to work “twice as hard” - As I was beginning to start in the industry that is all I was told that I would had to work “twice as hard” and instead of just taking that at the truth I thought “but why does it have to be that way? why can’t my work speak for itself” and I wished for more companies and organisations that looked to change those inequalities but wasn’t finding any, especially in the genres I wanted to work in - So I created my own!

How did you first get involved within the music industry and was this something that you had always been interested in?

Yes! I’ve always loved music and everything that it involved when I was younger I dreamed on being on xfactor (haha) and growing up I always played musical instruments but it wasn’t until about halfway through highschool where I decided I wanted to get into the behind the scenes aspects of music rather than be on stage. This is where I discovered my love for sound design and I started in the industry as an audio engineer and producer! through highschool I worked with many gaelic trad bands (as I grew up in the west highlands this was the main genre) I also worked with local talent and collaborated with producers - I also worked in the live sound industry at local events and concerts and I did this for around 3 years

When going into university I decided I wanted a career change and decided to take a music business course at SAE Institute - this is where I started Ghost Club Records!

Is there a way that you think that as a society and a community that we can work towards creating a more equal and diverse environment within the Scottish music industries?

I think that what discouraged me the most from joining the industry was that whole “you’ll have to work twice as hard simply for being a woman” Especially hearing it so young although as it is unfortunately somewhat truthful I think that the music industry has grown a lot in just a short few years and there are a lot more companies and organisations focussed on raising the voices of minorities in a male dominated industry. I feel it’s more about finding people who appreciate your work for how good it is rather looking at how you identify, the colour of your skin or your sexuality as at the end of the day none of those things make you more or less talented!

Despite those people only warning me early on of the troubles faced by people like me in the industry I think those warnings can be done in much more encouraging ways and people need to be looking at what changes they can do in their industry rather than being compliant so those warnings never have to be given!

Within the Ghosted PR and Ghost Club Records journey so far, what would you say is your proudest moment?

I don’t have a specific moment per say but the fact that I have bands in England and Wales looking to work with me and the network I’ve built up around be spans so far across the UK - and just seeing how far artists that I’ve worked with in the past have gotten into now and knowing I gave them that wee leg up into industry definitely makes me proud!

Do you have any dream signings or collaborations in mind?

I’d love to make Ghosted big enough to take on some bigger names like Royal and the Serpent and Cassyette but for right now I would love to sign on some more bands especially those in the heavier side of alternative music!

If you were to give one piece of advice to anyone interested in starting up their own company, what would it be?

Just go for it! don’t let all the intricacies and ins and outs intimidate you they seem hard to understand when you first start out but it’s really easy to get your head round it and you can be really successful with the right planning!

Lastly, I was wondering what female or non-binary Scottish artists are you most excited about right now?

I got the chance to work with Megan Black a couple times and I’m obsessed with her new album - definitely one to watch as they could go far! Although she’s not in my usual genres I recently found Aiitee and really love her stuff, excited to see her stuff at Otherlands festival!

There you have it! Thank you so much to Anna for taking the time to chat with me! Make sure you check out Ghosted PR on social media to keep up to date with all of the incredible things they are doing! <3

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