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'I think it’s everyone’s responsibility to encourage more diversity within the scene' - Megan Black

Hello and welcome back to Braw Gals! I hope you are all having a fab start to April! I am so excited to share today's interview with the incredible Megan Black!! We chatted all things 'Deadly is the Woman', Womxn in music and their career so far!

Let's jump into it...

Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me! I am loving your new album ‘Deadly Is The Woman’, each track is so wonderfully written and immediately transports you to the 70’s from the first couple of bars! I was wondering if you could tell us about the creation process and how it came to be?

A 70’s sound was definitely what I was going for! I love the music from that period of time and have always been influenced by it. I wanted to create music that I would enjoy listening to but address things that are actually relevant today. I wanted to be as authentic as I possibly could for myself and hopefully other people can take something from that, too. The album is all about a period of my life - I realised I’m not honest enough as a person about how I actually feel so this was just chucking myself in at the deep end when it came to addressing issues (my identity, mental health, sexuality etc). I recorded the album with the amazing Mark Morrow in Edinburgh along with an insanely talented group of musicians. I pretty much just wanted as many sexy basslines as I could possibly fit into one song. Sad but funky is what we’re going for.

You have such an incredible voice, filled with power and clarity! I would love to hear about how you first got involved within music?

Thank you so much! My voice is my way of being powerful and authentic - I started realising this when I first started singing at around age 14. From there I joined a folk group, let people, played some pub gigs and just kept floating around. Music has really been a way for me to make connections and truly understand myself and the world around me. It all just seemed to come together (but I definitely owe a lot to covering wagon wheel with my high school folk group!)

I was wondering about your writing process, do you have a set way that you tend to follow?

I’m one of these annoying people who always has a tune stuck in my head. I just sit and work out if it’s mine (a lot of the time it turns out to be someone else’s) and then I just go with how I feel, add some spicy chords, and hope for the best! (This method also helps me write some disasters but it’s best to get them out the way).

Is there a way that you think that as a society and a community that we can work towards creating a more equal and diverse environment within the Scottish music industries?

Definitely! There is so much talent. There’s literally nothing stopping the music scene from being more inclusive - there are so many AMAZING musicians out there. I think it’s everyone’s responsibility to encourage more diversity within the scene. As a queer woman I feel the lack of opportunity already, but this extends even further to people of colour, disabled and trans artists, too (I obviously can’t speak for their experience but as an ally, I see what’s going on). We all deserve to have a platform and to be heard as creatives. My answer would be to speak about it - there’s nowhere for people who are keeping the music scene male and white-dominated to hide when everyone (including white men) are calling them out on it.

Is there a moment within your career that you would say was your most rewarding experience or something that you are significantly proud of out of all your achievements?

Honestly, it would probably be the album. This is the most honest I have been with myself in my life and it brings me pure joy in being authentic - and I’m having other people relate to what I’m saying! I’m completely over the moon with the response (and feel very proud of my inner Meg for doing it).

Do you have any dream collaborations?

There are so many! My main one would be to recreate ‘Stop Making Sense’ with David Byrne and both wear big jackets with shoulder pads and dance.

Lastly, I was wondering what female or non-binary Scottish artists are you most excited about right now?

This is a tough question because there really are so many to choose from! I would say Taliah, Berta Kennedy, Silvi, uninvited band, and Kitti (this is only to name a few off the top of my head). They’re all queens!

Thank you so much to Megan for taking the time to chat with me and make sure to check out 'Deadly Is The Woman' and their social media to keep up to date with future announcements!

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