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"It's a well known fact that women are under represented across the world" - Sasha Kaloheris

Hello and welcome to this week's interview! I had the opportunity to chat with the amazing Sasha Kaloheris about her new single 'Bad Days', Women in music and her inspirations!

Let's jump into it..

Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with me Sasha! I love your debut single ‘Bad Days’, such a beautiful song! Could you tell me about the inspiration behind the song and how it came to be?

Thank you Jordan! I wrote 'Bad Days' one night in my bedroom when I was feeling a bit fed up and life was just getting me down. I was just back at school and felt a lot of pressure so picked up my guitar and it was just there in my head..hard to explain but playing my guitar always makes me feel good.

You have an incredible voice! How did you first get involved in music?

I started really young performing in Musical Theatre shows including the Kings Theatre Christmas Panto when I was 11 I did 35 shows in 6 weeks which was hard but a fantastic experience. Then I started attending open mics around Glasgow and finally picked up a guitar when I was 14 which changed everything!

I would love to hear about your songwriting process! Do you have a set way that you always go about writing?

To be honest I don't have a process, each song comes to me in different ways. Most of the time I'm meant to be doing homework or studying and I end up writing a song instead. Sometimes I start with the chords and other times I start with the lyrics.

Is there a way that you think that as a society and a community that we can work towards creating a more equal and diverse environment within the Scottish music industries?

Think its everyone's responsibility to ensure there is a more diverse and equal split when it comes to gender equality in the music industry. Its a well know fact that women are under represented across the world never mind Scotland but hopefully times are changing for the better.

Is there a moment within your career so far that you would say was your most rewarding experience or something that you are significantly proud of out of all your achievements?

I'm most proud of my songwriting as its something that I have created all by myself. And my debut single and video which I've had an amazing time recording at Main Street Studios and was really delighted to have had the chance to shoot the video in the iconic Barrowland Ballroom by the very talented Martin Windebank, what a fantastic building

steeped in so much music history.

Who are some of your past and present influences?

I really love Lennon Stella and Holly Humberstone. Both are very talented songwriters and I find them very relatable and honest performers.

Lastly, I was wondering what female or non-binary Scottish artists are you most excited about right now?

Bonnie Kemplay is from Edinburgh and she has just won the BBC introducing live lounge out of 10 thousand applicants and I'm just so excited to see what she does next. Her vibe is very much like the band Pale Waves.

There you have it! Thanks so much to Sasha for taking the time to chat with me and answering all of my questions! Make sure to go and show her some love!

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