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Single Review - Berta Kennedy - Free-Swimming

Hello and welcome back to Braw Gals In Music! Gigs are back! <3

I went to my first gig on Friday night since January 2020 and had the pleasure of seeing Berta Kennedy who's single 'Free-Swimming' we are going to be reviewing today. The whole night was incredible and there was just an overwhelming feeling of joy throughout the evening, but more on that at a later date!

Let's jump into the review!

Berta Kennedy is a singer/songwriter and producer who draws influence from the sounds of 90's RnB and the alt-rock of today. Since releasing her first single 'Crossed the Line' in 2019, Berta has been making waves throughout the Scottish music scene and has played at numerous gigs and events such as: Resonate Music Conference in 2020, Supported Brooke Combe at King Tuts and a live session for the BBC at the Quay!

Free-Swimming is a vibrant track that from the first couple of bars, draws you in with a repeated guitar riff that echoes sounds of 2000's indie rock before Berta's main vocal melody enters and truly transports you into the vibe of the track.

Each component of the track is as strong as the other and compliment eachother perfectly! The production behind the track is incredible and has created a completely unique sound that is unlike anything I have heard before. All of the song's components are a highlight in their own right however, the vocal melodies and Berta's tone are so beautiful and really take the track to a new level.

Overall, this track is definitely one of my favourites from 2021 and I can't wait to see what Berta does next and catch her at another gig in the future!

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