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Single Review - philomenah - god help the girl

Hello and welcome to this week's review! Today we are going to be talking about philomenah's incredible new single 'god help the girl'! <3

Originally from Shetland, philomenah has been a prolific member within the Scottish music scene since her teens, previously performing under the pseudonym 'SMUT'. Throughout 2021, philomenah has released a series of singles and is gearing up to release her debut EP 'White Dove' in early 2022, which I am so buzzing to hear!

'god help the girl' is an incredible track which navigates the story of a previous abusive relationship, where the abuser has moved onto his next relationship and features themes of jealousy at first but then progresses into emotions of worry and concern for the new partner. The track is a fusion of r&b and trap with sombre undertones in the instrumentation that compliment the vocal layers perfectly, creating something incredibly powerful and emotive.

A massive standout feature within the track is the stunning and heart-rending lyrical content, with lines such as "and when it starts to feel lonely, listen to your soul" and "just know that you don't deserve it" which express those horrific gut feelings we all experience when we know that something isn't right and the doubts that we feel in our minds about whether we are making the right decisions or not in that moment. philomenah's vocal melodies and layers are another massive highlight, each layer compliments the other beautifully, again contributing to the incredible emotive sound of the track!

Overall, I absolutely loved the song and am so excited to hear the whole EP when it is released! <3

Make sure to check out philomenah on social media to stay up to date with future releases and gig announcements!

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