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"Women are being more recognised which is great!" - Neeva Nine Interview

Hello and welcome back to Braw Gals In Music! I am so excited to share this week's interview with the incredible Neeva Nine! We chatted about her production processes, her career so far and how we can create a more equal and diverse music industry!

Let's jump into it...

Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with me! I love your new track ‘Misery’ such a cool and well produced tune! Could you tell me a bit about the production process behind the song and how it all came together?

I was watching videos on YouTube about techno kick drums and that’s what inspired me to go on ableton and try and create different techno kick drums. After messing about the different effects and kicks I started the track off by making it a fast bpm and knew I wanted to create a hard techno track. From there I used the kick loop I created earlier and then created a midi loop which would be used as the main melody. After that I just added more drums, effects and sounds to the track. After finishing I mixed the track and sent it to Blvck Cult Records.

I would love to hear about your production processes, do you always have a set way that you go about things?

I usually have spells of creating tracks where I get inspired by a new tune I’ve found that I really like and want to try and make my own track inspired by that or sometimes I watch production videos on YouTube and want try new techniques. And that’s how this track was created. I don’t really have a set way of creating tracks but I always start of with a kick drum and then try create a melody and then go from there, it always changes what I do next I just do what feels right for that specific track.

How did you first get involved in music? Was this always a dream career path for you?

I first got involved with music when I started learning the guitar at age 13 I think it was and from there I was glued to playing the guitar. Playing guitar was always just a hobby to me back then I didn’t really see myself having a career in music until about 6th year when we’re kind of forced to choose to do something after we left school and from there going to uni to study music I don’t think I could see myself doing anything else as it’s a big love of mine.

Is there a way that you think that as a society and a community that we can work towards creating a more equal and diverse environment within the Scottish music industries?

Yeah definitely, there’s already a lot of communities and collectives out there giving women and non-binary people a chance to show there talents like yourselves and I think we just have to keep creating more collectives and platforms and growing to create a more equal music industry, especially in the dance industry as it has always been very male dominated but women are being more recognised which is great!

Is there a moment within your career that you would say was your most rewarding experience or something that you are significantly proud of out of all your achievements?

I would definitely say one of my favourite achievements is recording a set for Close Contact tv which we filmed at the pencil in Largs which was a lot of fun and then seeing the video on YouTube and my mates having it on their telly’s and sending pics of me on their telly was weird but cool.

Do you have any dream collaborations?

A dream collab would definitely be TRYM. He was one a the first artists that I discovered in the hard techno genre and from then listening to most of his tunes and listening to his sets it would be amazing to go b2b with him, he’s an absolute monster on the decks!

Lastly, I was wondering what female or non-binary Scottish artists are you most excited about right now?

I would say Aisha as her new tunes on Soma records have been absolutely class and I watched some of her live streams in lockdown which were also class. Would love to hopefully see her live one day!

There you have it! Thanks so much to Neeva for taking the time to chat with me and make sure to check her out on social media to stay up to date with any future releases!

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